Tuesday, 21 August 2012

skin renewal facials from the organic pharmacy

Hi everyone thought all my lovely readers might like to treat them selves to this special offer at Selfridges.

For one week only, from 16th to 22nd September, The Organic Pharmacy will be offering unique and luxurious Ultimate Skin Renewal Facials, that will be redeemable against any Organic Pharmacy product at their brand new counter, launched last Saturday in the exciting, new Selfridge’s Beauty Workshop.

These facials will be available in The Beauty Workshop’s new private beauty rooms, tailored to suit your skin type and include The Organic Pharmacy’s fabulous new face masks.

These facials will dramatically improve skin, tone, deep cleanse and hydrate, leaving you with a healthy, radiant complexion and ready for the new season.

All facials last 45 minutes and will cost £45 redeemable against any Organic Pharmacy product at the new counter on the same day as your treatment.
Located on the ground floor, The Organic Pharmacy we will be offering their skin care, body care and supplements along with customised skin consultations.

To book call 0800 138 7425 or visit The Organic Pharmacy’s counter on the ground floor.

www.selfridges.com www.theorganicpharmacy.com

Will you be treating your self?

Amanda xoxo

Monday, 30 July 2012

AX Paris Curve collection

Hi guys a bit of a different post today about AX Paris clothing. For those that have never heard of them although I'm sure a lot of you have, their an Internet based site.

They do a normal size range and also an AX Paris Curve range for us more fuller figured girls from size 16 to 26.

I really love their range of clothing and size wise they ate fairly generous.

I made my first order from the range tecently as they have a brilliant sale on at the moment, I chose this dress below

The I tire doesn't do it justice it's a gorgeous coral on cross over top, aprox knee length on me with a pretty chiffon black bottom, with elasticated waist. This will look lovely with a black or coral clutch bag and matching shoes, and although it is sleeveless its easy to just put a pretty short sleeve cardigan, blazer or shrug, for those cooler nights.

I placed my order and could not believe how quick the delivery was, in fact I'm so impressed with the service I'm hoping to buy something else.

They don't just do dresses they also sell tops.

Have you bought from AX Paris?
Bye 4 now

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Stila liquid illuminiser from summer range

I was very happy to receive this to review friom the Stila summer range.

This is a beautiful golden all over shimmer. You could wear this any wear, eyes, cheeks or a tiny bit in the centre of the lips to make them pout. You could even use this on the centre of legs if there brown to add a touch of sheen.
Another idea is to mix a tiny amount with your foundation for that golden goddes look.

As you can see on the back of my hand how pretty it is and that was taken in poor light.

This really is a summer essential for your make up bag and comes with its own applicator too.

Have you tried this yet?

Amanda xoxo

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

L' Occitane

Hi guys today's post is about the L'Occitane spray. This is an organic angelica water with essential oil, that smells divine.
This is a face mist and I love to use it by spraying on my face after I've had a bath the smell is uplifting pretty and so fresh.
It hydrates the face and instantly replenishes the face especially if your skin is dry like mine.
I personally use this as part of my cleansing routine, last thing before I moisturise. And you can even use it over your make up to set it.
I wish I could explain the beautiful fresh and invigorating scent that this as, I can't get enough of it and once finished I will purchase this.

Your getting a 100ml size not too bad considering you only need to spray once or twice at a time.

I love it what more can I say
Bye 4 now
Amanda cx

Friday, 8 June 2012

Mandara Spa

As most of my followers will probably know I'm always a Lush product girl as I love the smells etc.

That is until I was given this product to try, and I will always be honest in my reviews.

I was sent the Mandara Bath Soak to try. This is just pure luxury, yes it is very luxurious and the aromas are supposed to invigorate your senses.

The Mandara Spa began in 1995 on the ultimate spa destination island of Bali, with the opening of the first spa.

Mandara spas have now expanded to other exotic corners of the world including Hawaii and the Maldives, and is now recognised for its luxurious spa experiences.

Each Mandara Spa collection is inspired by one of their four luxurious spa destinations.

phuket-(tropical blooms
Hawaii(honey milk dreams
The Maldives(island paradise)
Bali(Amber heaven)

Mine had grapefruit and lemon from the Island Paradise.

You only need a small amount and as you can see its nice and bubbly.

What I did notice is that it left my skin feeling so smooth it's amazing and the smell is gorgeous, I just lit some candles and drifted away.

This retails for £12.00 which I think is very reasonable especially as your getting a massive 500 ml.

Also all the products are made from natural active raw materials. All products are free from SLED, SLS, parabens, mineral oils animal ingredients apart from beeswax, honey, and milk.

I will be repurchasing without a doubt.

Bye 4 now
Amanda xx

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Morrocan oil treatment

Hey guys today's review is on the Morroanoil treatment for hair.

Now as most of my readers know I have very fine hair due to treatment and meds, so I tend to steer clear of these sort of things.

But as I was sent this to review I thought I would give it my best shot, and all I can say is amazing.

This genuinely has made such a difference to my hair, it's made it more manageable and really shiny, and surprisingly full of volume.

You only need a tiny amount and I tend not to put mine on the root area, more from middle to ends.

I also have to add that the smell is gorgeous. I would give this product a definite 10 and would buy again..

Have you tried this?

By 4 now
Amanda xoxo

Friday, 27 April 2012

illamasqua polish of the day

Hi peeps today's post is going to be regarding a polish I recently bought at Easter time when Illamasqua had a promotion on.

The colour is called Jo'mina and is a deep very vibrant Ilac almost blue and very opaque.

Very difficult to photograph to show the true colour.

Jo'Mina is from the Spring/Summer 2009 Body Electrics collection ,and it really is gorgeous.

Have you tried Illamasqua nail polish, what's your favourite?

Amanda xoxo

Monday, 9 April 2012

L'Occitane En Provence cosmetics and perfume

Hi peeps, well what can I say apart from this is such decadence.

I was sent some gorgeous L'Occitane goodies to try and I'm in love, truly.

Launching this month is the Pivoine Delicate collection of cosmetics along with an Eau de toilette.

Let's start with the lipstick. This beautiful lipstick is so moisturising and buttery on the lips and comes in three gorgeous shades. The lipstick has a delicate veil of pink colour. The moisterising lipstick along with the rich texture which is delicately perfumed and enriched with softening peony extracts. Not to mention the feminine pretty packaging.
The lipstick is a 35g size and retails for £12.50

The lipsticks come in three colours and in my opinion are beautiful.

Next is the duo Eau De Toilette and lip gloss again softly scented with the perfume Pivoine Delicate.

Such a good idea and not just that but you can pop this in your bag thus taking up less space than a deprecate gloss and fragrance.This duo combines the delicate scent of Pivoine Delicate and a lip gloss with a pretty iridescent shimmer.

The fragrance is light feminine, just perfect for spring and summer with a softness of peony and rose petals with the green lilly of the valley, and is applied with the roller ball end and the gloss looks equally as pretty worn alone or over the lipstick I mentioned earlier.
Again the packaging is so feminine and pretty size is 2x5.5ml and retails for £14.00, not bad considering you get two items in one.

Lip shine had to be my favourite as again it has the pretty fragrance along with the most subtle particles of slight shimmer, this is also non sticky unlike some lip glosses. And the packaging is super pretty size is 8ml and retails £11.50 .

The are also launching the actual Eau De Toilette this month, and a 75ml size will cost £33.00. Also to go with the range will be a shimmering powder 8gr £22.00 a hand cream 75ml for £13.00 and a soft mist spray 50ml for £13.00

Will you be trying this range?

Amanda xoxo

happy Easter

Hey peeps just wanted to wish you all a happy Easter.

As usual the bank holiday has been awful weather especially as we had that glorious heat wave about a week ago.

I managed to get out and about with walking my Golden retriever Nemo and today did a little bit of retail therapy, alas nothing that caught my eye.

I've been EGGstremely good on the old Easter egg front, yes that's right just one as seen in pic, oh and maybe a few mini cream eggs ( no one I'm rather rotund) lol.

Anyway considering that everyone else had huge eggs I think I did well withy never ending diet.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of Easter.
Bye 4 now
Amanda xx

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Onca Beauty and Energy

Hi Guys IDE like to introduce you to Onca a new and exclusive beauty and energy supplement that I was sent to try out.

Onca is a superior blend of tropical botanicals, vitamins and minerals, amino acids along with anti-oxidants that are harvested deep in the Amazon.

The product claims to increase the levels of collagen in the body, thus improving skins appearance and health.

It also claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite, increase weight loss, promote better sleep and improve anxiety.

The preparation of the supplement is easy enough. You dissolve one sachet in any drink of your choice, although they do recommend it with milk, although I'm not a lover of milk so I mix mine with orange juice.

Drink Onca daily one sachet in the morning and one in the evening.

You have two sachets to take, the activator for the morning, this energises, cleanses, detoxifies.

Onca evening regenerator this supports body recovery, reinforces health, and the body's cells.

Having been sent three days worth of sachets I can't say for certain if it has had chance to work yet. Having said that though, I have noticed that I have been feeling less lethargic and more energetic.

Hydrolyzed Collagen, Dextrose, Mana Cubio, Maracuja, Vitamin E, Zinc, Grape Seed Extract, Beta Carotene, Zeaxanthin, Cloves Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Selenium, Biotin, Silicon Dioxide, Citric Acid, Stevia

I would consider purchasing these as the concept sounds pretty amazing if it does all that it promises.

For more information and to order www.oncacompany.com

What do you think of this? Would you try it?

Bye 4 now
Amanda xoxo

Friday, 30 March 2012

Maybeline 24 hour colour tattoo

Well today's post in very excited about, why?, because as most of us makeupaddicts know these have been a long time coming to the UK.

I bought mine from Superdrug where they had an offer on Maybeline 3 for 2. But as they only had just two of the colour tattoos left I chose something else as my third item.

These are proving to be very popular indeed and are supposed to be like the Mac paint pots, which I love.

The colour choice for me was easy as they only had two left, on and on bronze and turquoise forever.

These are gorgeous colours and so very creamy and super pigmented and some say better than Mac paint pots.

They claim to last 24 hours and they do indeed hence the name tattoo, super staying power.

Have you tried these yet?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring lustings

Hi lovelies hope your all keeping well and staying beautiful both in and out.

Today's post is going to be about my current items I'm lusting over, although I have to say that this month has definitely seen a drop in my usual spending frenzy.

To be perfectly honest there really is nothing that I'm really excited about at the moment apart from the Revlon lip butters and Nails inc Baker st nail polish. Although having said that I will probably wait until the big rush for these popular products is over and the hype has calmed down.

This month also saw the launch of Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism, the colours seem to be very vibrant and strong and not for the faint hearted amongst us, bringing new levels of self expression, there is a blusher that takes my fancy.

I've been looking in magazines and online etc and noticed that a lot of the spring/summer colours are very pretty but and vibrant and some being Neon such as some of the nail polishes, I'm loving them.

Are you currently wanting or waiting on something if so, what.
Bye 4 now
Amanda xoxo

Monday, 5 March 2012

Mac watch me simmer

Hey Guys hope your all keeping well. As for me I've been waiting for the Ltd edition Mac shop Mac cook items to go on sale here in the UK.
I wasn't sure if I would like this collection but boy, was I wrong I love it.

Where can I start the colours are vibrant and rich but very pretty for spring and summer. Consisting of corals and pinks and all sorts of pretty amazing colours.

I so wanted everything but couldn't justify the high price tag £35.00 for a palette.

So I decided to buy a lipstick, now as most of you know i love my pinks and nudes but fancied a change to corals, so I bought myself Watch me Simmer, a bright coral amplified lipstick, and I love it.

Can't wait to wear this colour just wish IDE have bought some more bits, mostly sold out now.

Did you get anything?
See you soon
Amanda xoxo

Friday, 24 February 2012

Macadamia oil deep repair masque

Hi Guys, today's post is going to be about the Macadamia natural oil deep repair masque that I recently purchased through Buyapowa (my latest shopping obsession) :)

Firstly IDE like to comment on the packaging which is eye catching andooks kind of rain forest, earthy and natural almost looks like a wooden pot. Your getting a large 8.5fl oz 250ml.

I had heard some excellent reviews about this product but had always shied away from it as I have very fine hair and I know fine hair and oil are not a good mix.

The product smells Devine and the constancy is thick and creamy. You apply the product after washing hair while hair is wet, comb through wait at least 7 mins then rinse, leaving smooth and shiny locks.

This product contains Argon oils combined with tea tree and chamomile oils, aloe and algae extracts. It is cruelty free, paraben free and alcohol free too and has a shelf life of 18 months.

I love this product but only use it sparingly, I'm hoping to buy the shampoo etc also available in this range.

Amanda xoxo

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fake Bake flawless review

Hi Guys as most of you probably know by now if you also watch my you tube channel I love having a bit of a healthy glow, and because I already have recovered from cancer I do not want to sit in the sun or on a sun bed to run the risk. So I do it the safe way with fake tan.

I have tried tons of faux tans you name it I've tried it, but my beauties I think I have at last found my holy grail of tans, oh yeah.

It's Fake Bake flawless this comes complete with a mit, plastic gloves and a pump action top for easy application.

I have to say this goes on so easily it takes a few mins, I pop on the application mit which by the way is very soft and luxurious not like the usual scratchy type. I then spray the liquid on to the tanning mit and apply in circular motions and lightly glaze over hands and feet.

It dries instantly and has a coconut smell that fades to nothing so no nasty stink associated with alot of faux tans.

It's called flawless because you get a streak free smooth application, and leaves your skin feeling really smooth.

The colour is a beautiful deep olive and looks very natural and lasts for ages as I just keep topping up.

This is a liquid form rather than a lotion and I love it, you can also wash the mit ready to be used again.

If your in the market for a tan give this one a go it retails at around 19.00 but shop around as prices do vary a little.

Please note I bought this with my own money and was not given the product to review, this is my genuine opinion.

What's your favourite faux tan

Amanda xoxo

valentines how did you spend yours?

Hope you all had a fab time
Amanda xoxo

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Barry M Silver Sea polish

Hi Guys another chat about nail polish and this one is Barry M silver sea.

I believe this was from 2010 summer collection.

I was sorting out my collection when I came across this as I really wanted a blue polish to wear.

This kist isn't any old blue polish this is a gorgeous turquoise blue with flecks of silver shimmer, it is gorgeous. And as I'm really in to glitter polish at the moment I thout yes il use this one.

The weather all week had been cold and snowy and although this is meant to be a summer polish, who cares.

You can't go wrong with Barry M polishes at just £2.99 a bottle IDE say that's pretty damn good, although I have to say I did need three coats as it is thin if not.

Deborah Lippman nail paint

Hi my lovelies hope your all doing fine. Today I thought I would do a post on something that I had wanted to try for a while but couldn't find them in the uk, although IDE heard so much good stuff about them.

Then after seeing the lovely fleur de force nail polish collection on you tube of which Fleur had some Deborah Lippman polished I listed even more as the colours seem so vibrant.

I was looking at a blog sale recently and noticed the blogger had a Deborah Lippman polish available to buy, so I snapped it up.

It is in a colour called Razzle Dazzle and it's gorgeous. Oh yes it certainly has lived up to my expectations.

Firstly it goes on like a dream, not runny nor clumpy it just glides on and dries quickly.

It lasted about 4 days before sighns of chipping which for me is good.

It is a glitter polish but not chunks of glitter so wasn't too bad to take off like some glitter polishes.

I recently read that this is a popular choice with certain celebs including Gweneth Paltrow etc.

I also notice that house of Fraser are supposed to be stocking these too so super excited and hopefully get some more.

What's your favourite polish?

Amanda xoxo

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Current favourite perfume

I decided this perfume really deserve my praise as it's now vast become my absolute favourite for sure.

Dior for ever and ever is light sightly fruity and beautiful, I'm not going to try and describe the notes as I'm useless at that.

I was bought this perfume as acChristmas Present. I've also noticed this perfume lasts on my skin too as some don't, I've been asked alot by people ooh what perfume are you wearing it's gorgeous.

Have you tried this, if so what do you think? What's your favourite perfume and why?

Amanda xoxo

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Soleil tan de Chanel review

I had been lusting after this since end of October 2011 after seeing glowing reviews about it. However every Chanel make up counter and Internet site that stocks it had all sold out.

I even phoned up Chanel themselves who were extremely helpful and said that unfortunately there had been some form of a problem and it wouldn't be available until well after Christmas.

So I trawled EBay hoping to find the product on there, and I did, but was not willing to pay over double of what this product would cost direct from a Chanel counter.

So I new I wouldn't be getting this, not for a while anyway.

My daughter went to Egypt just before Christmas flying from Manchester airport, and I just asked her if she could ask on Chanel counter in duty free if they had any. Long shot I know but worth the try.

Well to my amazement my daughter phoned me up from the airport to say that she had managed to get me one and the Chanel consultant had said it was the only one they had, can you believe it, what luck, at last it was mine.

Couldnt wait to try it when my daughter got back, and I have to say it has certainly lived up to it's expectations.

I love this multi purpose product that claims to be a base for your foundation, commonly known by the old name of Chanel bronze universal.

You can wear this as a base to your foundation or you can use it as a bronzer, or brilliant for contouring the cheeks.

The consistency is not how you would imagine a bronzer to be, usually powder form. This has a moist texture but goes on like a powder, and this product really will go along way, so at £29.00 some people will say it's too expensive. But for the quality and the amount of time it will last you, I think it's well priced.

I love this product and would give it full marks in every way.

Have you tried this?

Bye 4 now
Amanda xoxo

Monday, 5 December 2011

Percy and Reed va va voom volume

Hi guys I recently purchased the cute little try me kit from Percy and Reed on QVC.
It was a good price for a try me kit and has alot of items in the package.

Session hair spray
Volumizing shampoo
Bodifying cream
Volumizing conditioner
Vulumising mousse
Volumizing no oil oil

they are decent sizes to and can't wait to try them all, as most of you know I have very fine hair and am in a rut with it at the moment. So il let you know what I think of the products soon.
Lots of love
Amanda xx


Hi guys sorry I've been away but for those of you that watch my you tube vids you will know I've been back on the treatment of medication chemotherapy etc.
This has really taken it's tol on me especially as they've also increased the steroids that make me balloon.
Anyway enough doom and gloom cis I'm back with a vengeance and am excited for Christmas, hoping to put the tree up next weekend if I feel up to it, that's the trouble I don't know how il feel from one day to the next.
Anyway peeps il speak to you all soon and I hope your all doing really well.
Lots of love
Amanda xx

Monday, 7 November 2011

Elf studio flawless finish foundation

I was eager to try this foundation as I am a fan of ELF cosmetics they are affordable yet the quality is good. Therefore I ordered one as there was a discount code on twitter.

I was a little sceptical as for such a cheap price you ask your self if maybe it's going to be awful.

Boy was I wrong, the quality of this foundation is amazing. The coverage is good and covers up my freckles, the consistency is light weight and it has an SPF 15.

I applied the foundation with a stippling motion on a brush in the morning and lasted all day, the foundation is also oil free.

Picture of me wearing the foundation

This foundation is now vastly becoming a favourite.
Amanda xoxo

Friday, 21 October 2011

Boudoir prive box

Hi guys super excited as I just got my first Boudoir Prive box in the post.

Super impressed on the packaging and will keep the box for storing things in.

Once the box was opened it revealed a beautifully very girly pink ribbon and tissue paper enveloping the goodies inside.

Inside was the following items:-
Geteum illuminating mask and creme de lite. Listed as one of the top 100 beauty brands by Harpers Bazzar.

Korres Guava body butter amazing for dry skin and sneaks gorgeous.

Kronor Greyl Huile de Palme. A pre shampoo conditioner to soften and nourish dry hair. Smells heavenly.

Memo Paris. A new Paris based niche line of fragrances.

Rose and Co, Rose petal salve. Soothes chapped lips.

Studiomakeup. Liner styled pen black. Intense deep black liner, long lasting.

Love all the goodies and will have dun pampering myself with them.

Bye 4 now
Amanda xoxo

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mac lightscapade

Hi guys, quite dissapointed with Lightscapade from Mac, I really expected it to have a little more shimmer than this.

A little too flat for me and chalky, not the best if you want to highlight with it, I find I have to use a fair amount to get even a slight highlight effect.

Sorry Mac not my favourite at all.

Have you bought it? if so what do you think?

Bye 4 now
Amanda xx