About me

My Golden Retriever Nemo

Well where can I start, just like to say I have an obsession with make up and beauty, there ive said it now. Ever since I was a child ive loved dressing up and playing with make up still playing now at my age of __ lol.

  I like trying new products and reviewing them with honest reviews.I love the way make up can make you look amazing and change so many facial features. I have a daughter whos now 23 and shes a fully qualified beauty therapist.

 My other love is my Golden Retriever Nemo whos just a big old cuddly teddy bear.

 I have recently been very ill so I now value things so much more than before. Anyway please ask any questions you want and chat away.  Bye 4 now Amanda xx

If you are a company and would like me to review your product please email me makeupaddict2416@hotmail.co.uk

Please note my product reviews are purely my opinion only

If you like me and you have the addiction to make up, beauty and all things nice then please join me and we can have fun together.
If theres any thing you would like to know or anything you would like me to review just ask
Amanda xoxo