Monday, 5 December 2011

Percy and Reed va va voom volume

Hi guys I recently purchased the cute little try me kit from Percy and Reed on QVC.
It was a good price for a try me kit and has alot of items in the package.

Session hair spray
Volumizing shampoo
Bodifying cream
Volumizing conditioner
Vulumising mousse
Volumizing no oil oil

they are decent sizes to and can't wait to try them all, as most of you know I have very fine hair and am in a rut with it at the moment. So il let you know what I think of the products soon.
Lots of love
Amanda xx


Hi guys sorry I've been away but for those of you that watch my you tube vids you will know I've been back on the treatment of medication chemotherapy etc.
This has really taken it's tol on me especially as they've also increased the steroids that make me balloon.
Anyway enough doom and gloom cis I'm back with a vengeance and am excited for Christmas, hoping to put the tree up next weekend if I feel up to it, that's the trouble I don't know how il feel from one day to the next.
Anyway peeps il speak to you all soon and I hope your all doing really well.
Lots of love
Amanda xx