Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Garnier summer body moisterising lotion rave

I have to say I have tried alot of these moisterising body lotions in the past only to be dissapointed with the colour, either to yellow or orange, or they smelled awful.

I decided to give this one a try after seeing a review on it on you tube, and boy was I pleased I did.

I purchased this from Boots in the darker tan, they do two, light and dark.

I put it on everyday and soon you could see a nice deep but subtle tan. It It left my skin smelling nice and it left it really soft. I would recommend this to everyone. :) The only problem is that there is one for light tan and one for dark tan... only 2 different ones. They should really have 3! But it's all good.

Easy to apply, wash your hands afterwards or at least wipe between your fingers otherwise it can be a dead give away.
Love it, and recommend it lots, and I like the smell.

So its a big thumbs up for me on this one, however shop around as it tends to vary in price.

Amanda xoxo