Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Girls with Attitude nail stickers/decals

I was sent these pretty nail art stickers by Girls with Attitude to review, they very kindly sent me a an assortment of stickers.

I love these they are so pretty and come in an arrangement of different patterns colours etc

The only problem I found was getting them off the sticky sheet and on to my nail without ruining the desighn this did take a few goes I must admit, so some were wasted only a few though.

I tried tweezers and you have to be so careful as there very delicate.

After I had put them on I put some top coat over them to seal them.

These lasted for ages so was very impressed with that, and also the sparkle on the nail was amazing and extremely pretty.

Girls with attitude also do a range of false eyelashes as well, they have recently been featured in a lot of mags for their lashes especially the burlesque ones.

Go check them out at

Amanda xoxo

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Vera Wang Princess

This perfume is soo beautiful pretty and feminine, it is very light and floral.

This set comes in a pretty presentation box with a pretty pattern on it, which exudes femininity.

This is the Ltd edition set I had for Christmas as it also has aprt from lotion etc a ltd edition tiny handbag bottle, its soo sweet I love it.

It seems a shame to put it in my handbag as it gets rather full of shall we say junk lol, so on that score im saving it for those nights when your going somewhere special with a little handbag, so I can slip it in with out it getting ruined.

I had so many perfume type pressies this xmas im certainly going to smell nice.
  Amanda xoxo

Cute little Kitsch ring from Ebay

I was browsing through ebay when I came across the cute little lippy ring, I thought it soo sweet and it was only £3.00 including the postage so I bought it, it came yesterday and thought ide show it to you all, unfortunately I have rather chubby sausage fingers so it only fits my pinkie finger as its not adjustable still cute though, would look stunning with black.
What do you think?

Soap N Glory bog pink Colossal compitlation

All I can say is this is huge containing approx 25 pieces of soap n glorys best seling products, this Christmas pressie is amazing.

I first saw this in Boots on their offer of the week, as they were doing an offer of the week on the build up to Christmas and this was selling for an amazing £25.00 yes you heard right, and their is over £60.00 worth of products in here, including a storage box and a huge bag.

It also contains the big sizes of products not the small or trial size ones, I love it ive just used the glad hair day shampoo, the smell lingers on your hair its truly sumpteous.

I think this has to be one of the best colossal offers that soap n glory has ever done

What do you think of soap n glory?
Amanda xoxo

Monday, 3 January 2011

Lush Boxing day sale whoop whoop

Well I couldnt resist going to the boxing day sale at Lush with my daughter, and as most of you know my daughter has a broken leg in 2 places at the moment, so off we went me pushing her wheelchair, well you should of seen me pushing her through some snow, I couldnt stop giggling, then I rather nice man came and helped us, think I should get an L plate lol, well it was well worth the push as we got some goodies, we got, the Ginger bread house,stardust and the Merry christmas darling gift sets all half price, so its safe to say we are now more than stocked up lol, think well be smelling Lush.
Lush happy christmas darling gift box

Amanda xoxo

Some Christmas Gifts goodies Bee Luscious Garden Girl Palette

I had some lovely Christmas presents including the Bee Luscious Garden Girl Palette, I had been lusting after this for a long time, but didnt purchase due to the high price tag of £67.50.

But I have to say the quality is exceptional in my opinion, the eye shadows go on like a dream and blend superbly, the colours are amazing and come in lots of different finishes.

It has 16 eye shadows in their 4 blushers and 2 lipsticks, and their is nothing I dislike about this palette, the blushers are such gorgeous colours, I have to say this is one of the best palettes I have ever had. The palette can be bought from


  • Fabulous range of shades and textures
  • Easy to blend and long-wearing
  • Colours for your lips, eyes and cheeks together in one palette
    The Garden Girl Palette
    These pics borrowed from Cocoa Beau show the colours off beautifully

    Polychromatic Shadows offer a prismatic mix of metallic and pearlescent pigments that bring light to the eye. Dimensional Shadows have gloriously layered matte and pearl pigments and delicate light-catching reflects. Sheer Satin Shadow gives sheer colour and a soft shimmer finish. Mineral Shadows are soft shades with delicate shimmer. Mineral Matte Shadow give a smooth velvety finish with a soft pearlescent shimmery undertone. Mineral Matte Blushes are hypoallergenic, and contain matte pigments fused with the pearlescence of minerals giving a matte glow. Their soft, skin-smoothing texture leaves a finish, which highlights whilst deflecting light away from imperfections. Mineral Blushes are skin-kind, easy-blending, long-wearing, satiny blushes and give a gorgeous shimmery light-catching glow. Micro-Bubble Lipsticks offer rich creamy lip-loving colour.