Sunday, 10 October 2010

Im still here new updates

Hi all first of all let me apologise for my lack of blogging but ive been away for few weeks and have also been really busy since I got back, renovating an old cottage in the country. And its been a struggle as my health hasnt been too good either.
But im hoping to be able to keep blogging as I enjoy it and ive missed it too.
On the shopping and hauling front ive bought some lovely items from Primark recently including a gorgeous black satchel bag, I believe its been hard to get hold of and has been sold out in a lot of stores, Il be putting some pics on soon of the items I bought.
On the make up front I had to purchase some items from the new Mac Venomous Vilains range as im a sucker for cute packaging and as its based on vilains from Walt Disney stories I couldnt resisit, I got Innocense beware lipstick, Bite of an apple Blush and My dark magic eyeshadow. Il be putting on pics etc shortly.
I now also have over 500 subs on you tube and I did say that once I got up to the 500 mark I would do a free giveaway well keep watching cos im going to be doing it soon with some gorgeous prizes. All you have to do is follow mw on this blog and on you tube to be entered.
Thats all for now so keep watching and il be back very soon.
Amanda xx