Tuesday, 26 June 2012

L' Occitane

Hi guys today's post is about the L'Occitane spray. This is an organic angelica water with essential oil, that smells divine.
This is a face mist and I love to use it by spraying on my face after I've had a bath the smell is uplifting pretty and so fresh.
It hydrates the face and instantly replenishes the face especially if your skin is dry like mine.
I personally use this as part of my cleansing routine, last thing before I moisturise. And you can even use it over your make up to set it.
I wish I could explain the beautiful fresh and invigorating scent that this as, I can't get enough of it and once finished I will purchase this.

Your getting a 100ml size not too bad considering you only need to spray once or twice at a time.

I love it what more can I say
Bye 4 now
Amanda cx