Friday, 15 July 2011

Blog award

Hi Guys im so happy to say that my good friend Louise from Lou Lou Land awarded me this best beauty blog award.
Rules upon receiving this award are to 1) answer the following questions 2) mention and link who passed you the award 3) share seven facts about yourself 4) Award 15 blogs


Whats your favourite colour
Definately azure blue and turqouise

Whats your favourite song
Lovely day, old school but still a classic

Favourite desert
Hard one cos I have loads, either Eaton Mess, Strawberry Pavlova or Lemon Meringue

Whats pissing you off
At the moment knowing that ive reached that time in life when everything starts to droop lol

When your upset you ..
have a good cry

Black or white?
I love both

Biggest fear?
Getting old

Your best feature?
Been told its my eyes

Everyday attitude?
What will be will be, stay positive

What is perfection?
Not sure if their is such a thing, I think we all have different degrees of what we believe is perfection. No body is perfect.

Guilty pleasure
Lots lol make up, chocolate and shopping

7 Facts about me?
Im a brummy born and bred
I live in the countryside
I spend alot of time traveling in this country
I have a golden retriever called Nemo who is the son of a crufts champion
I have one daughter
i have struggled with health problems and survived
I hate nuts 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

ooh what's that smell? it's Yankee Candles

Hi Guys hope your all keeping well.

Today's post is going to be about some Yankee candles that I recently picked up.

I love Yankee candles because the smell is beautiful and unique.

I've tried many different makes of candles but most of the scented ones have a kind of artificial smell to them.

Where as Yankee candles are just gorgeous.

I have lots of Yankee candles scattered around my home but these are my latest arrivals, a mix of candles and tartes.

Do you like Yankee candles?

Bye 4 now
Amanda xoxo